Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Monday Quiz XL

The Monday Quiz Goes to ___________!

1. What is this place called?

2. The area in purple on this map is the ______ ______ ______.

3. The bridge and the building in the lower right are both famous landmarks of this city, _____________.

4. What is this cute little guy?

5. What's in the jar?

Submit your answers in the comments.


fingerstothebone said...

Life's not quite back to normal, but I'll start getting my feet back in the quizzes again:

1. Eh...Australia!
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Sidney
4. Wombat
5. Vegemite

Anonymous said...

1 / Ayres Rock
2 / The Great Barrier Reef
3 / Sydney, Australia
4 / Wombat
5 / Vegemite

Karin said...

The Monday Quiz Goes to Australia, mate!

1. Ayers Rock
2. The Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney
4. Wombat
5. Vegemite

MJ said...

mmmmm, let's guess again...
1. some red rock
2. a reef coast
3. sydney
4. a cute boar-like creature
5. marmite (in Australia?)
so many things to learn... and so little time

gl. said...

aiiee! i can't believe i know australia better than the us -based quizzes.

1. ayers rock
2. great barrier reef
3. sydney (i walked -over- that bridge -- over the metal arch!)
4. wombat
5. vegemite

Anonymous said...

1. Ayers Rock
2. The Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney
4. Tasmanian Devil?
5. Vegimite

Happy Birthday Michael (belatedly)!

The Calico Cat said...

1. Uluru (Used to be Ayer's Rock)
2. The Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney, Australia
4. Wombat - not sure which variation (Hairy Nosed?)
5. Vegemite

DrSchnell said...

Australia, mate!

1. Uluru (aboriginal version), or Ayers Rock (white prison colony resident version). "It belongs to them . . . let's give it baaaaack... "
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney (the bridge across the bay and the Opera House
4. wombat
5. "I said 'do you speaka my language?' She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich..."

Anonymous said...

1 Ayre's Rock (does spelling count?)

2 Great Barrier Reef

3 Sydney (he recited in a profound baritone between two arias)

4 Wombat (aka reference librarian--inside joke)

5 probably marmite

Anonymous said...

1 Ayre's Rock (does spelling count?)

2 Great Barrier Reef

3 Sydney (he recited in a profound baritone between two arias)

4 Wombat (aka reference librarian--inside joke)

5 probably marmite

d said...

ayers rock
great barrier reef
chupacabra ie wombat

Fool for paper said...

1) Ayres rock
2) The great barrier reef
3) Sydney harbor bridge and Opera house

Morgan said...

1. Australia
2. Purple Shaded Area
3. Sydney, mate
4. Wombat?
5. Nuttela or something.

Rebel said...

OH OH!!!! I have half a shot - just spent the evening with a bunch of aussies.

1. Uluroo in the Northern Territories - "the real Australia" where they're beginning to make progress in reconciling with the aboriginal tribes.

2. Great Barrier Reef

3. Sydney

4. Not a koala. Wombat?

5 Vegemite or possibly Marmite.

Anonymous said...

Australia, Australia, we love ya!

1 Ayers Rock. You know your mother-in-law climbed it, right?
2 oh, the place with the pretty fishes. I believe that's the Great Barrier Reef.
3 Sydney! Nice plan/elevation view, what with the bridge's shadow.
4 a wombat
5 Vegamite (Thanks, Men at Work).

Anonymous said...

We're going to Australia, home of marsupials and indigenous language conferences!

1. A mesa
2. The Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney
4. Harry the hairy-nosed wombat
5. Vegemite (gag)

gl. said...

DrSchnell ftw! first mention of uluru AND for singing two 80s songs i won't be able to get out of my head all day.

Anonymous said...

We're in Australia.

1. Ayers Rock
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Sydney
4. Wombat
5. Vegemite.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Everyone says that little fella is a wombat. If that's correct, I want one, smothered in vegemite. What???????????????????

McGuff said...

I don't know the name of the damned rock, so just put me down for 4/5.

Yankee in England said...

Ayers Rock

Great Barrier Reef



Vegiemit. Marmite is most popular England. Vegemite down under and in Scotland. Aparently your childhood has been stunted in Engalnd if you did not grow up on Marmite sandwiches, according to all those lovely old people who grew up while rationing was still in effect(into the 50's) it is good for you and makes you grow up stong. I was 27 years old sitting in a pub before I understood the song by Men at Work with the lyrics "I just smiled and gave him a piece of my Vegiemite sandwich." For anyone wondering both taste like shit. But now at Valentines day you can get Marmite made with Champange. Harrods sells special varieties made with truffles and other stuff. Wow that was quite a dither on the useless knowlege of Marmite and Vegiemite. Next week can you do a quiz on one or the other.

Kritkrat said...

are you trying to tell us that you are going down under?

and i had no idea that is what vegemite looked like. Yum.

Chance said...

1 uluru. its slave name is ayres rock.
2 what's so great about the barrier reef?
3 / sydney
4 / wombat
5 / vegemite

Michael5000 said...

Time's Up!

It's like this:

1 - Ayres Rock, or Uluru
2 - The Great Barrier Reef
3 - Sydney
4 - Wombat
5 - Vegemite

And, the Thursday Quiz obviously went to: Australia!

Michael5000 said...

Crikey, you lot really know your Australia! From what I thought was going to be a medium-tough quiz, we've got a record-breaking thirteen exclamation points going out this week.

Mrs.5000 & drschnell remain neck-in-neck on the top of the all-time list, each bringing home their 15th Exclamation Point!

Chance moves into undisputed third place on the leaderboard, with his 13th E.P.

Karma bags his 8th, while Rebel, d, Calico, and Critical Bill all claim their 6th.

Karin takes her 4th E.P.; gs49 his 3rd, and Fool for Paper and Yankee in England both grab their 2nd.

And finally -- a big welcome to a longtime reader on her first trip to the winners' circle: gl.!

Michael5000 said...

@Fingers: Fingers is back! It feels like the L&T again!

@MJ: Technically, you were right with every answer! But... : )

@jennyj: Thank you (belatedly)! Come to my party!

@gs49: Nice try, but you only get credit for one entry.

@Morgan: Oh, you WISH it was Nuttela!

@Mrs.5000: God, no. What was she doing in the Outback?

@Reb: My understanding is that Vegemite is a brand of Marmite. Or perhaps vice versa. But that they are the same deal, anyway.

@gl.: I think maybe "ftw" means something different to you than it does to me...

@Dr. Ken: That's no way to treat a wombat.

@Phin: Check. 4/5!

@Kadonk: Lamentably, no. The Quizzes always get better vacations than I do.

@Chance: I think people like the Scuba diving....

gl. said...

erm, what does it mean to you? what horrible faux pas have i committed? the hepkids use it to indicate "for the win."

Anonymous said...

@gl.: I imagine he saw it and thought, "fuck the what?"

Michael5000 said...

@gl.: In my upbringing, it indicated a hearty, nihilistic "Fuck The World!" But I grew up in a very small town. Maybe it was a local thing.

Yankee in England said...

Vegiemite and Marmite are not the same thing. They are a totally diffent.

Anonymous said...

Alas, yes. Plus I forgot to specify "Australia" as the overall answer.

I hereby surrender my "!".

(Also apologies for the inadvertant double post.)

gS49, head hung low.

Rebel said...

Whooo hooo! Who cares if I can teach - I've got a new exclamation point in the L&TM5K trophy case =)

Michael5000 said...

@gs49, Yank: After consideration of the issue, the original ruling has been confirmed. Yeast extract is yeast extract; after researching the question, I see that the Australian, British and, Kiwi versions have their differences, but they not enough to fuss about on an American-based online variety magazine. Also, it was not specified that you had to state where the Quiz was on vacation. gs49, you're keeping your exclamation point.

@rebel: That's the spirit! FTW!

Yankee in England said...

I hope you know you will probably be tagged by British customs the next time you try to enter England. They take the Marmite Vegemite issue very seriously.