Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shh! The Monday Quiz is Sleeping!

...and the Fourth Season of the Monday Quiz is in the record books. Congrats to DrSchnell, who put in a dominating performance, taking Exclamation Points home in seven of the season's ten contests to earn top honors.

Cartophiliac was right behind him with six wins, and takes the second spot.

Chance, la gringissima, and gs49 were all strong contenders as well, with four E.P.s apiece over the course of the summer.

My respect and thanks to these general knowledge studs -- and to everyone else who has showed up for a Quiz or two over the summer.

Seasonal Champions of the Monday Quizzes are now shown on the Quiz Leaderboard. Eternal glory, baby!


The Fifth Season of the Monday Quiz starts next Monday, September First.

Q: Will you be bringing a challenging yet entertaining mix of traditional and innovative five-question image-based pop Quizzes?
A: You know I will.

Q: I'm a teacher. Is it really proper for me to be taking the Quizzes? Isn't my role to be giving quizzes?
A: It is critical for an educator to be able to understand and identify with the experience of their students. The michael5000 Quizzes have been shown by several scientific studies to enhance intellectual humility, broad-mindedness, and love of learning if taken on a regular basis. Several major universities and urban school districts are in fact looking into requiring their teaching staff to take the Monday Quiz for just this reason. There is really no better way for a teacher to spend their Monday lunchtime.

Q: How about students?
A: Yeah it's good for you guys too.
See you next week for the Fifth Season of the Monday Quiz!


If you are starting a new semester of teaching or learning this week, best of luck to you! Knowledge and understanding are good! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Can I redeem my exclamation points for some crappy merchandise?

Rebel said...

good question karma!

Will you be translating the quizzes into Thai so I can share them with my class? ;)

Yankee in England said...

Finally I have a three day weekend and I am refreshed and ready for the Monday quiz and there is none. Good thing I am not saving points for a crappy prize or else I might have enough in 10 years for a stick of gum.

Anonymous said...

Hurray to intellectual humility! I get my doses on Thursdays and Mondays here for sure. I look forward to the new round.

Had students for the first time today and so far so normal. Only three wicked attitudes so far but they show promise. Since the school is literally in the middle of a construction site this year (hard hat required to go into the closest parking lot) it promises to be an interesting year.