Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Thursday Quiz: Bye-Week

The Thursday Quiz has a lot to celebrate! Saturday, for instance, is its first anniversary! Plus, today is the first day of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!! ...which, per last year's spectacular lack of reader interest, I will not be talking about this year. However, we should at least give the great sport a moment of dignified contemplation:

Right, where were we? Oh, right -- the Thursday Quiz is taking the week off; it will be back next Thursday to start off the Sixth Season.


...are in order to the Fifth Season Champions, who include, but are not limited to:

gs49 -- Five stars, two of 'em Gold ones!!

Phineas -- Four stars: a Gold, two Silvers, and a Blue!!

Karmasartre -- Four stars: a Gold, two Silvers, and a Green!!

Nichim -- Four stars, a Gold, a Silver, and two Blues!!

Rex Parker -- Four Green Stars!!

Thanks to them, and -- as always -- to all of you who indulge me by taking the Quiz or just by glancing at the blog in general every once in a while. It's very flattering. I hope some of you have a small fraction of the fun I have with this thing.


Jennifer said...

Man, I can't believe I'm the only one out there who liked the college football posts! I'm going to miss them. . . unless I can talk you into changing your mind. Maybe long-distance hypnosis. . .

Cartophiliac said...

Here's another vote for college football. Don't let the anti-sports whiners keep you from talking about things interesting to you.

I'm not particularly interested in your classical music comments... but you won't hear any complaints from me!

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...


braggin rights!!


Dug said...

I too enjoy the College Football commentary-probably more than the sport itself.
I speak for at least one of your readers (myself) and possibly others when I ask - how was the big b-day bash? Any good stories/gossip/pictures? Your readership (at least one of them) is hungry for details since many of us could not make it there.
Have a great Thursday Quiz vacation!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had at least "a small fraction of the fun" you have with your blog...but, given your picture, I am obviously not having any fun.

Anonymous said...

w00t! to them!

Oh man, I love the dignified contemplation and the tie dye too.