Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXXVIII

Postcards From ____________

1. What country would this postcard most likely be sent from?

2. What three countries are shown (in part or in whole) on the main map of this postcard? (not the inset map)

3. From what country was THIS postcard most likely sent?

4. What island is shown on this postcard?

5. This postcard shows a province of what small country?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Anonymous said...

1 / Austria
2 / Borneo + Papua New Guinea + ?
3 / Belgium
4 / Cyprus
5 / Estonia

The Calico Cat said...

1 Germany
2 Malaysia
3 Belguim
4 Cyprus
5 Me fears a trick question... The country in the small map is Estonia, Is ther ea small country within Estonia close to Russia as the big map shows? Not sure... maybe that is a state/province/county within Estonia; therefore, thechnically still Estonia...

Cartophiliac said...

1. Austria
2. Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei
3. Belgium
4. Cyprus, you're welcome
5. Estonia

The Calico Cat said...

Can I change my answer - I just saw the Austrian flag in number one - I had only been paying attention to the German language before... & it was like probably still before 6 a.m. when I answered.

Rebel said...

1 - Luxemburg?

2 - I see Thailand! Oops - not in the main part of the map... ok....Indonesia, Malasaia, and Java (I know I've just embarrassed myself!)

3. If it's not from Belgium, I blame Tom Shane from the Shane Co.

4. Looks like a Hawaiian Island - the big island?

5. Malta?

Ok - 0 for 5... let's call it a day.

Rebel said...

D'oh! I plead stupidity for #1 - you've got the name of the country and the name of the capital right there on the card... Austria - Luxemborg... same same right?

d said...

1austria 2indonesia, malaysia, papa new guinea 3belgium 4stingray island 5urzbekistan (just 'cause i want to say urzbekistan)

Anonymous said...

@rebel -- the Tom Shane reference is good for at least four correct answers in my unabbreviated opinion: very good.

Anonymous said...

1 Austria. Or Osterreich, as they say in Wien.
2 It looks like the only punctuation I'm going to pick up this week is *#?%&*??!. . . But OK, let's pretend it's Indonesia, Borneo, and Malaysia, and I'll move on with my morning. Because I'm guessing the answer isn't Sabah, Sarawak, and Bandar Ser Begawan.
3 Belgium!
4 This is the Isle of Despond, in the sea of Geographical Ignorance. . . mmm, grapes. . . No, I'm going to say Crete.
5 Well! The names look vaguely Finnish, but Finland ain't small, so. . . one of the Baltics? I dub thee Estonia.

Dug said...

1. Austria
2. Indonesia, Malaysia and Nauru
3. Belgium
4. Cyprus all happily unified
5. Estonia
6. Oh sorry! There's only 5

Dug said...

2. - I mean Brunei - i get those places confused every day! Cause I'm geographically illiterate!

DrSchnell said...

1. Austria
2. Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia
3. Belgium
4. Cyprus
5. Some Baltic thing. Estonia?

Anonymous said...

1. Austria
2. Hmm, Malaysia? No ideas on the others.
3. Belgium
4. La Isle La Bonita (And now to cleanse my brain of 80s Madonna. The joke may or may not have been worth it depending on how long it takes for forget the tune.)
5. The names look Nordic. Don't recognize the shape though. Pass.

I needs me a round the world trip with maps.

Michael5000 said...

And now let us present the answers:

1. Austria -- Wien being Vienna.
2. Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia. All on the ISLAND of Borneo, which is however not a country.
3. Belgium.
4. Cyprus.
5. The country with the best formal relationship with the L&TM5K: Estonia.

Michael5000 said...

A trio of winners this week:

dug, who doesn't like quizzes;

drschnell, who I rather suspect does;

and Cartophiliac, whose blog comes up with amazing regularity when you search for place-specific postcard images online.

With his 13th MQEP, drschnell pulls to within one of Mrs.5000 on the all-time Monday Quiz winnings chart. Carto is just one Exclamation Point behind, tying with Chance in the third spot.

It's dug's third Monday Quiz win; he also scored in MQIV ("Maps") and MQXXX ("Map Patterns"). I sense an emerging pattern...

Michael5000 said...

@Calico: A trick question? Here? Perish the thought.

@Reb & Karma: Who's Tom Shane?

@d: Can't go wrong saying "urzbekistan."

@boo: Don't cleanse your brain of 80s Madonna quite yet. You'll need her for the Wednesday post. Really.

OK, thanks for playing, people. And now on to the breathless excitement of another M5K review of a movie that was popular many years ago!

Rebel said...

Ok - I get that you don't have a TV but do you not even listen to the radio???????

kurt said...

I usually send a lot of postcards when I get back because I buy them, but forget to post them.
Assuming they were sent from the country they advertise, I'd say:
1) Wien is the capital of Austria and they speak German there
2) Sarawak is either Malay or Bahasa, so Indonesia, Malaysia, and that tiny little rich country on the island of Kalimantan/Borneo.... Brunei?
3) Belgium
4) triangular sail ships, volcanoes (radial drainage pattern), ampitheater, what might be the Venus de Milo statue on the southwest coast -- is Milo an island near Greece?
5) coat of arms has European-looking castle and swords, cities have names with umlauts common in northern Europe (double vowels are common, too), but names ALL end in vowels which is strange to me and there aren't many other alphabetic accoutrements). Waterfall flows over unfolded, horizontal strata (and appears to be still very actively downcutting!) indicating uplift without a lot of compression or metamorphism. I vote Latvia or Estonia.... how about Latvia?

Thanks - that was interesting.

Michael5000 said...

@Rebel: I do not even listen to the radio. I dislike advertising.

@Kurt: Milo is a kind of grain sorghum. But well done.