Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Left Bracket Fifth Round: Homer v. Krøyer!

This Left Bracket Fifth Round match pairs Winslow Homer (7-1, 75-28, .728) against Peter Severin Krøyer (4-1, 42-23, .646).  Homer arrived by beating Bouguereau, whose 5-2, 52-31, .627 record ties him with Botticelli for the 9th best record of any exiting artist. Krøyer got here by losing, by a hair, to Thomas Hart Benton.

Winslow Homer
1836 - 1910
...this great painter of the American scene did not lose the edge when it came to the probity and drama of his art.... In works such as Fox Hunt (1893) and Right and Left (1909), Homer dealt with profound issues of existence, while in his paintings of the pounding surf of the Maine coast he brought nature to center stage.
- Smithsonian

Peter Severin Krøyer
1851 - 1900
The combination of Krøyer's technical bravado and the persistent appeal of his Skagen imagery have made it difficult for art scholars in Denmark to resist him; at the same time, however, the frivolity of content in his paintings has left scholars reticent to give him full credit for his creative enterprise. When the question of substance in Krøyer's paintings is taken up, the reference is often somewhat apologetic. "Krøyer is so masterly in his handling," wrote Krøyer's contemporary N. V. Dorph in 1902, "that he would have to reach great heights to match it with content of commensurate significance. And those heights, he never reaches. There is an undeniable disparity between spirit and hand in Krøyer's art."
- Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide
  • Thumped Leon Kossoff in Round 1.
  • Crushed American Jeff Koons, albeit with gentle lyricism, in Round 2.
  • On recount, was found to have beaten Florentine master Domenico Ghirlandaio in Round 3 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Beat Georges de La Tour in the Fourth Round by a single vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Lost to Thomas Hart Benton in Round 5.


Morgan said...

Homer, to a great extent.

Christine M. said...


Chance said...

It's gotta be Homer. D'oh!

DrSchnell said...


Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Homer.

Michael5000 said...

Eh, sure, Homer for me.

Nichim said...


mrs.5000 said...

Certainly Homer!

Candida said...


UnwiseOwl said...


Michael5000 said...

Gretchen says "Krøyer"

Michael5000 said...

And Mariah says Homer, via Facebook. As does Chuckdaddy, by text.

Maddy said...

Krøyer. Look at that beautiful garden!

Michael5000 said...

Krøyer made a big comeback in the late voting, but in this Tournament it's tough to win after you've given up the first six votes. So it's Homer marching on leftward, with nine votes to Kroyer's five.