Friday, May 8, 2009

Decathlon Event #10: The Finish Line

Deadline for Event #7: Friday 5/8, 6 pm PDT.
Deadline for Event #9: Friday 5/6, Noon PDT.
Deadline for Event #10: Saturday 5/9, Noon PDT.

The Final Event

This final Decathlon event is Monday Quiz style, with nine (9) images. Answers may be submitted until Noon Pacific Daylight Time Saturday.

Scoring: The first seven correct answers will be worth 3 Decathlon Points apiece. The eighth and ninth correct answers will be worth 2 Decathlon Points apiece.

What a long, strange variety of topics we've covered over the course of the week! But has there been a single map? A single flag? No, there has not. So on the final Friday, every contestant limp with exhaustion, the Decathlon returns home with a festival of:

Small Country Identification!

You've got the map! You've got the flag! What is the country?










Submit your answers either in the comments or at


The Calico Cat said...

1. Albania
2. Belize
3. _______
4. Guyana
5. Laos
6. _______
7. Some African Country
8. Tajikistan (Are there any other "stan's" out there?) Uh oh, Turkmenistan... I sure hop I guessed the right "stan."
9. yet another African Country...

Rebel said...

1 Bulgaria
2 Belize
3 the country with the smallest conceivable coastline among non-landlocked nations. Um....
4 Equatorial Guinee (have I just invented a country?)
5 LAOS!!!!!! LAOS!!!!!!!! OMG! A country I'm actually vaguely familiar with!
6 Latvia?
7 Nambibia? Is that even a real country?
8 Turkmenistan
9 gah!!! No idea... Darfur. Is that even an actual country?

Cartophiliac said...

Yay! A topic I won't totally suck at!

1. Albania (hail King Zog!)
2. Belize
3. Bosnia & Herzegovina (
4. D'oh! Which one of those Gunineas is it? I will say Guyana.
5. Laos, as in you dirty Laos
6. One of them Baltics, but not Estonia (wrong flag), so I'll say Latvia
7. On of those ubiquitous African countries... How about Malawi
8. One of the Stans... by process of elimination, I'll say Tajikistan
9. Uganda

Christine M. said...

1. Albania
2. Belize
3. Bosnia
4. Guyana
5. Laos
6. Latvia
7. Tajikistan
8. Malawi
9. Uganda

d said...

i will go out with a whimper...

1 albania
2 belize
3 um. pointystan.
4 french guiana
5 laos (this is the only one i feel i know for sure)
6 estonia would be too easy, latvia?
7 ah! there are too many small african countries. um. malawi.
8 haha i was going to say uzbekistan, but there it is. it's one of the stans though i bet. um turzigstan. i doubt i spelled that right.
9 uganda. maybe.

Unknown said...

1. Albania... They've got a cool flag. Hard to make out of construction paper.
2. Belize
3. Bosnia
4. French Guiana
5. Laos
6. Umm...___istan! maybe ____via.
7. Malawi
8. Turkmenistan
9. Uganda

mrs.5000 said...

OK! Let's see if I do a faceplant on the pavement with this last event! Odds are pretty good.
1 Albania
2 Belize
3 I'm sorry, how am I supposed to even know what continent this is on? Where are its tattoos? Well, I know where I'd put my port anyway...uh, Burkina Faso.
4 Guyana
5 Cambodia
7 Oh, I think we looked a map of this when we were doing a crossword a few weeks ago...which is not to say I have any idea at all today...Namibia
8 Oh man...Azerbaijan?
9 Well, I like the

I probably should put geography flashcards on my birthday wish list.

Elaine said...

Oh, Phooey. How I hate geography! What a worthless subject! No new frontiers, just new names for old places. My last geography class, French Equatorial Africa, the Belgian Congo, and Rhodesia were still on the map!

1. sigh. I think this used to be Yugoslavia --my whole lifetime--and now, redivided with ancient hostilities renewed. Serbia or Croatia, then...I guess Serbia.. but it could be Hertzagovina or Bosnia. Who knows?
2. Oh, dear. Belize? I can't read any of the smaller print on any of these! (stupid blurry vision)
3. Totally flummoxed. Burkina Faso?
4. Guyana. alas.
5. Laos.
6. Previously known as an, Azerbaijan, which I think is spelt wrong. Or maybe Chechnya. The maps keep changing...
7. ...and changing! Uganda? Rwanda?
8. And changing! Azerbaijan? Chechnya?
9. Shoot. Kampala is a give-away, but I am blanking out. Uganda. Yeah, I already used it, but probably I was wrong. And I am too lazy to go back for a redo.
Nice bird on the flag, though.
10. thank god! our long national nightmare is over!

Elaine said...

Hey! I used Burkina Faso on my last quiz (because I was flunking anyway and decided to have some fun) and NOW I see that someone else has horned in on MY special answer! No fair! And I hate that it makes it look like I peeked. (But you'll no doubt feel reassured of my rigid honesty due to the lameness of my score....)
Just watch it, though, Miz 5000! Burkina Faso belongs to ME.

Kritkrat said...

Where is my favorite flag? I guess Lebanon's too obvious...sigh. I used to know flags so much better.

1. Albania
2. Belize
3. Bosnia?
4. Crap - I don't know this one. The map would help if my geography was better. Suriname?
5. Laos
6. Crap. Albania? Why are there so many friggin' red flags?
7. Malawi - I saw it from a plane once.
8. Definitely a 'stan'. Tajikistan? I'm sure I spelled that wrong. It's the only stan I don't see on the map. Unless I am making that name up...
9. Uganda - seriously, you can do all the African flags you want. Except for West Africa. You can do all the EAST African flags you want. Bring it.

Rex Parker said...

1 Slovenia
2. Albania
3. Belize
4. Tunisia
5. Bhutan
6. Bahrain
7. Guiana
8. Ivory Coast
9. Laos
10. Trinidad & Tobego
11. Estonia
12. Latvia
13. Malawi
14. Tonga
15. Tazikistan (sp?)
16. Malta
17. Uganda
18. Lichtenstein

Rex Parker said...

Oh, those were only nine different places, not 18? Oh. Well, just take the answer that's closes to right? HA ha. I love my moronic self right now.

fingerstothebone said...

1. I'm hopeless with the Balkans...
2. and the Caribbeans...
3. flag shaped like their country!
4. OK, and South America too.
5. Laos!
6. I have no idea where that even is! Looks like a corner somewhere.
7. Did I mention I was hopeless with Africa? (But I was just reading about the man-eaters in Africa, and I saw what it was.)
8. Tajikistan! (So I'm hopeless with spelling, too.)
9. Africa again...

Why do I bother? It's like arm wrestling.

Michael5000 said...

@Rex: {Interobang}

@fingers: It IS like arm-wrestling!

Rex Parker said...

My favorite pairing is UGANDA / LICHTENSTEIN


mrs.5000 said...

@Elaine: You know, Burkina Faso escaped that kind of blatant colonialism decades ago. I reserve the right to snatch at any poor excuse for an answer I can get.

It is rather a charming name, though. I can see where you might covet it.

Elizabeth said...

1. Albania.
2. Belize.
3. Somewhere in Africa.
4. British Guinea.
5. Vietnam.
6. Estonia.
7. Somewhere else in Africa.
8. Turkmenistan.
9. Enough of the countries in Africa already! but there is a chicken on the flag, so obviously I must go there to visit some day.

gl. said...

the decathlon should totally end in an uplifting, choral sort of way, not the screeching-tires-and-screaming sort of way.

1. adriatica
2. hondurasonia
3. what? i can't even guess based on language or city names? WHY DO YOU HATE DECATHLONS?
4. oronoco
5. vietnam
6. fairyfell
7. nyasaton
8. drat. i would have recognized kazakstan or uzbekistan. kazbekistan?
9. africa.

*goes to weep quietly in the corner, quiltless and cold*

Elaine said...

No, no-- YOU covet BFaso.
I had it FIRST; (see previous quiz in which I bandied it about as an entertaining desperation guess.)
That means YOU are breaking the commandment; quick--which one is that??? the one about not coveting cows and wives and so on.
At one point I thought of using "Carmina Burana" but I thought that would be too far out for even this group of ...well,-- (I'm one, too)-- geeks. But it did make me chuckle to consider using it. Maybe next Decathlon.

Missy said...

And... there goes my lead.

1. Love the flag. No idea what the country is.
2. Belize
3. Austria
4. French Guyana
5. Laos
6. Estonia
7. Swaziland
8. Tajikistan
9. Burundi

Michael5000 said...

Oh, gl., gl., I wish I had given myself some mechanism where I could give you points for shouting "Why do you hate decathlons" what with its wonderfully implied interobang. It made me smile really hard.

Jennifer said...

1. "Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic!" -- and to think my mother didn't want me to watch Cheers2. Belize
3. Whoa, I don't know, but somebody really got shafted when they were handing out coastline--unless, historically, they really got lucky because they have a port.
4. Guiana
5. Thailand
6. ?
7. I'm docking myself points for not having studied African countries. And flags. Who didn't see this coming?
8. Urk. (That's a noise of dismay, technically, not the name of a country--but if it happens to be right, will you give it to me anyhow?)
9. ?

Sandy said...

Ok, still got a couple of hours before its noon on the west coast, so here goes nothing:

1. Montenegro
2. Belize
3. Oh, that's just sad. What did they have to concede in the treaty negotiations got them that small corridor to the ocean? Niger?
4. Guiana
5. Laos
6. Denmark
7.Tanjanika -that's its own country, right? right?
8. Urdustan
9. Nigeria

Sandy said...

Damn. Uganda. I knew that. Except, apparently I didn't.

Sandy said...

PS on the arm wrestling: today 7 or so young teen girls came up behind me in Dunkin Donuts and asked loudly if anyone in the store would arm wrestle them for a church scavenger hunt. Everyone ignored them, so I stepped up to plate. They photographed me taking their friend down. The things I do for the youth of America.

fingerstothebone said...

Wow, arm wrestling for charity, I can get into that! I'll even do it with both hands tied behind my back.

Michael5000 said...


1. Albania
2. Belize
3. Bosnia [now, with Herzegovina!]
4. Guyana
5. Laos
6. Latvia
7. Malawi
8. Tajikistan
9. Uganda

Citizens considering travel to Uganda based on the "chicken" on its flag should be advised that said beast is in fact a Grey Crowned Crane. Or so I have read.