Sunday, May 3, 2009

Decathlon: Halftime Celebration!

Deadline for Event #5: Tuesday 5/5, 9 pm PDT.

Decathlon Halftime!

Unfortunately, the Rolling Stones had another commitment, and will not be able to provide halftime entertainment. Instead, we'll just take a quick look at the field's top ten.

After four events, out of a possible 100 Decathlon Points, here's what the leaderboard looks like:

92.5 -- d
88 -- gl.
85.5 -- Missy
85.5 -- Rebel
84.5 -- annie
83.5 -- The Calico Cat
83.5 -- Eversaved
79.5 -- Kadonkadonk
79.5 -- defending champion Mrs.5000
70 -- Elaine
70 -- defending Blue medalist la gringissima

And with perennial threats like Elizabeth and defending Red medalist Cartophiliac lurking right off this list, you know that the likes of d, gl., and Missy aren't relaxing one whit.

What Next?

As in a real Decathlon, the back half of this event is all about stamina and carrying through to the finish line. As I learned last night, when I stayed up until all hours coming up with the Second Week contests, a little aspect of things I had kind of let slide.

There will of course be a Monday Quiz event and a Thursday Quiz event. Also, there are two more Creative contests coming your way -- having demonstrated your skill with images, it might be good to get your verbal skills warmed up for the coming week.

Meanwhile, keep your brain stretched out, flexible, and well-hydrated! It's still a long week coming, and we definitely don't want any sprains or injuries.

See ya tomorrow for the Quiz!


Chance said...

I will be happy to supply the halftime entertainment with my online air guitar stylings.

BWEEW woowwa wooow zeeow weeeowweeeow bedoodledoodledoodle

Michael5000 said...

{crowd roar}

Nichim said...

I have pulled several muscles of various sorts in my limbering-up exercises for Event 5, and regret that I must now be carried from the field and subjected to the indignities of morphine for the remainder of the competition.

Elaine said...

I am pretty sure I do not belong in this exalted company, M5000.
And I don't actually think I know what an allegorical map is. But I can't wait to see these in readable form!