Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too Cool For the Thursday Quiz

Hey, it's time to skip the Thursday Quiz while everybody's brains, bodies, and self-esteem heals up from the Decathlon!

But first, some late-breaking Decathlon news -- turns out that la gringissima was not an Octathlete, but a Nonathlete. Her cartoon entry was sent in well before the deadline, but through the vageries of the intertubes took a full five days to arrive, with one of the images damaged, in my inbox. Yes, it would have been quicker for her to put it in the mail. What this means is that la gringissima actually placed 9th in the Decathlon!! Except in a magic sort of way that doesn't change that gl. and Elaine still finished 9th, too!


I've been desperately, desperately trying to avoid blog bankruptcy, and am happy to report that I've managed to catch up all the way to the day before yesterday on my Reader! And here, in no particular order and for no particular reason, except that we've got the gaping hole of the missing Quiz to fill here, are links to some of the posts that appealed to me.

Ooh, The Rag and Bone Blog has a piece about a paper artist (Jill Sylvia) who has a new concept that's pretty killer....

This Bioephemera post, believe it or not, cracked me up. But then, I'm a sucker for a "damned souls" joke.

Found in Mom's Basement delivers the eulogy for Pontiac with a look at some great midcentury magazine ads.

Here's another cool artist, this time somebody named Hiroshi Fujishiro, this time on Bioephemera.

Strange Maps has an interesting bit on the old White Australia policy....

An especially good Comics Curmudgeon -- although the Comics Curmudgeon is one of the few reliably funny things on this old Earth.

It's a Rebel/Cartophiliac mashup!

Meanwhile, the Bloggess, also reliably funny in a seriously messed up suburban-mom-on-PCP sort of way, has branched out and is now reviewing clown porn. Or at least trying to.

Business or Leisure? posted a fine example of the dark, strange, disturbing, and oddly hilarious (to me) fare that is his metier. And it's about the beloved Peanuts character Snoopy! Kind of.

Some supercool Cyrillic Manuscripts at BibliOdyssey.

Blythe gives us the most disappointing blog post ever, "Semi-Nude Pictures of My Friends Playing Twister."

And Elizabeth made me laugh, and feel just a little silly, with her post about the Decathlon.

AND: both The [Cherry] Ride and Karin have actually posted again!! So, after absences of many months, we welcome them back to the faded, dying social phenomenon that is blogging!


Rebel said...

No comments? Seriously? Ok... thanks for posting all the links... there's some fun stuff out there. But the clown porn... I don't even want to know.

Michael5000 said...

@Reb: I totally forgot to mention how we can vote on what caused your latest intestinal disorder!!!