Monday, May 4, 2009

Event #7!

Deadline for Event #5: Tuesday 5/5, 9 pm PDT.
Deadline for Event #6: Tuesday 5/5, noon PDT.
Deadline for Event #7: Friday 5/5, 6 pm PDT.

It’s Event #7! Time for the category of:

Verbal Creativity
You have until Friday, 6 p.m. PDT to enter this event.

Use one of the following formats:

• terse, hardbitten noir prose
• faux Shakespearean dialogue
• a scene from a sitcom screenplay
• a child’s alphabet (“A is for Apple, B is for…”)
• parody of the classic rock song “Stairway to Heaven”
• …or any other recognizable style you like,* if you're feeling especially clever
…to express an original and/or amusing idea about one of the following:

• The relative merits of food, shelter, security, and art
• How the world is going to hell in a handbasket and things just aren't like how they used to be
• The role of technology in contemporary relationships
• Rock Music, Then and Now
• Fruits and Vegetables
• How culture shapes language, or maybe language shapes culture, or whatever

Send them entries to
The deadline is 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, Friday, May 8.

Entries will be judged by a jury consisting of michael5000 and maybe a second person if he can drum somebody up. He/they will judge entries according to their humorousness and/or originality, adherence to form, adherence to topic, and overall awesomeness in the by-now-expected highly subjective fashion. The top entries will be posted on the blog as part of the closing ceremonies, of course.

The overall winner will be awarded 25 Decathlon points. The second-place winner will receive 23 points, the third-place winner 22 points, the fourth place winner 21 points, and so on. At fifth place and below, entries may be grouped in ties.

* Although, if the recognizable style you like is haiku, it better be pretty freaking amazing, understand? Faux haiku gets beat to death on the internets.


Elaine said...

You were up all night...and THIS is what you came up with?

The world IS going to hell in a hand-basket! Technology replaces relationships. The struggle for food, shelter, and security replaces the pursuit of Art. Processed foods replace fruits and vegetables. Rock Music, then and now, accompanies the downward spiral of our culture, as Language grows more debased and barren!

(Oh, have you read Jeremiah yet?)
I'll work on developing further proofs.....

Michael5000 said...

@Elaine: Well, I wasn't up all night, per se -- but yes, this is what I came up with. Why? Is it not up to par with other, competing recreational decathlons?

Elaine said...

Well.....I admit, it's unique.

It just seemed so, so similar to another event I've seen recently.
But I guess I should pursue hobbies other than taking pot shots at M5000. Back to my quilting....

The Calico Cat said...

You must not trifle with the quiz master, you are crunchy & taste good with katchup...

Michael5000 said...

The quiz master does not care for catsup. Nor Ketchup.

Elaine said...

Praise be!
You'll notice I took the subtle undertone of threat and did not even try to correct the spelling!
Lying low....
(not laying low, thank you)

Rebel said...

I'm confused by the deadline on this one Friday 5/5? Or friday 5/8? am I already out of the running for this one?

Elaine said...

5/5 was a Tuesday. Rebel, you seem disoriented as relates to time. If you flunk the next two checks, we will need to see you in the next room here to sign some papers....

gl. said...

elaine, rebel's a day ahead of us in thailand. :)

Jenners said...

This is awesome! I want to read these. And could I borrow this concept for my Fun and Games with Jenners that I do on my blog -- giving your full credit of course and perhaps tweaking it a bit for my non-geek readers?

Michael5000 said...

@Jenners: But of COURSE you can borrow this, giving me full credit of course, "full credit" construed herein to include a link.

But, I feel I really should correct your misapprehension that you have "non-geek readers." Your readers are just differently geeked than my (awesome) readers.

Elaine said...

Rebel may have 5/5 SOONER than we do, but it was still a Tuesday. I'm sorry, but Rebel is not "oriented times three." Perhaps a niiiiice rest.....

Rebel said...

LOL... doesn't matter anyway, I gots nothing for verbal creativity.

Elaine said...

I beg to differ! The chat between the Virgin and the Griffon was...oh, just swell! AND it deserved FIRST place!