Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXXIV

The MQXXIV was on The 1950s in the United States of America....
The MQXXXIV was on The 1960s in the United States of America....
The MQXLIV was The 1970s in the United States of America....
The MQLIV was The 1980s in the United States of America....
The MQLXIV was The 1990s in the United States of America.... now, very possibly wrapping up the "decades" slot in the rotation, it's...

The 2000s in the United States of America

...with the usual apologies to those readers who do not happen to live in the United States of America.

1. Yikes! What's going on here?

2. Who is this guy?

3. This map of a much shows the prevalence of _______________ in 2008.

4. Why so many people on this winter day?

5. What words have I covered up on this 2004 sign?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Elaine said...

Oh, boy! I was awake for these! I think.

1. Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans: dikes breached, city flooded. oops.
2. John Edwards, former Presidential candidate and poster boy for straying husbands
3. Either Republican or Hispanic somethings? Hispanic Republicans?
4. Inauguration of Barack Obama
5. Real Deal?

I guess I was not as awake as I thought. Dang.

d said...

1 hurricane katrina
2 john edwards
3 the colors make me think voting demographics, but the numbers seem weird for that. something to do with hispanics?
4 bho's inauguration (probably too obvious - perhaps it's one of the ubiquitous million marches that seem to be infecting us like a plague lately)
5 hmm. i know that's carl jr, but i have no idea what that specific deal is. the no carbs evident anywhere in the photo makes me think it has something to do with the atkins diet craze. was that in 2004?

Cartophiliac said...

1. The answer is "a flood", which is all you asked. If you also want to know where and when you should say so. The most famous flood of the last 10 years is Katrina in New Orleans, but the rest of this news seems more recent. So, I'm going to guess Fargo or Des Moines.

2. John Edwards.

3. Hispanics/Latinos/Spanish speakers

4. Obama Inauguration.

5. I'm guessing it has something to do with Carl Jr. or some other fast food chain you only have on the West Coast. Yet another flagrant example of West Coast bias from this blog.

Rebel said...

1 - the levees broke & New orleans got flooded - curtesy of Katrina
2 - John Edwards, John Kerry's running mate and later his own worst enemy
3 - reposessed homes
4 - The end of an error. President Obama's Inauguration
5 Carb-free or low-carb or some ridiculous variation thereof.

(just trying to post this from home...and yes, yes I do take this whole quiz thing too seriously sometimes. ;) )

Eversaved said...

1. Why that looks to me like a picture of the levees breaking in New Orleans?
2. That would be comedian John Edwards
3. OMG this map is confusing the heck out of me. I can tell you with a pretty good degree of certainty that it is NOT a simple map of Hispanic/Latino population, though maybe it has something to do with voting trends among that population? At the same time CA and FL are among the worst hit with the housing market...but then wtf is that blue blob in NM? Shit, I don't know.
4. President Obama's inauguration, or the festivities beforehand.
5. I odn't know what words go in those blanks, but this would def. have something to do with the no-carb craze.

lamanyana said...

1. New Orleans, I would guess - though it could really be any flooding situation.

2. John "Two Americas" Edwards

3. This is weird - My first guess was that it was somehow foreclosure related, but Michigan isn't as red as I would expect for anything economic. The reverse exponential scale is puzzling, too. Finally, That big county in Northern Washington jumps out at me as well - that's pretty sparse country and I can't imagine there are 10,000-99,000 of anything there other than trees. I'm stumped.

4. Something Inaugural

5. "Low-Carb"?

Snowgirl said...

1. New Orleans flooded, levees breached, Hurricane Katrina
2. John Edwards
3. counties that voted for different parties from the 2004 election?
4. With all those trees in bloom, it's hard go with the "winter day" thing, but my first thought is Obama's inauguration
5. Low-carb

Rex Parker said...

1. Kat
2. Johnny E
3. Canadian provinces (ps What's a "map of a much?")
4. Obama Inaug
5. Carl's Jr???


mrs.5000 said...

For MQLXXIV, I want to be quizzed on the future.
1 Hurricane Katrina
2 John Edwards
3 "This map of a much" is a such-and-such for so-and-so's not in the know. The color scheme political is contra-analytical, and I feel like such a dope I'm not clear what's meant by taupe. That red looks very serious, so though the key's mysterious, I have to hazard the guess it shows the foreclosure mess.
4 Obama's inauguration
5 Super Size?

Ben said...

1. It's a flood. I'm guessing from Katrina in N.O., but it could be further up the river in June 2008.
2. The adulterous Senator Edwards.
3. Aaagh! Map question! Voting irregularities?
4. Obama's inauguration.
5. something to the effect of "no carb" (maybe "carb free")

MJ said...

1. A flood. New Orleans?
2. No idea. Smiles like a politician.
3. Sunburns. No, wait the numbers are wrong. Flu cases.
4. A president taking office?
5. Deluxe, seventy??

Sandy said...

1. Katrina aftermath
2. J. Edwards
3. "much"?
4. inauguration day 2009
5. I have no idea. This isn't what I'd eat if I had $6.

Sandy said...

ha ha, I read MJ's answer as "sideburns." Where's my "Sideburns through the ages" quiz??

Unknown said...

1. The levee in New Orleans after Katrina
2. John Edwards
3. I am completely baffled by this one and have NO idea. None. I thought maybe something having to do with diseases, but like, West Nile doesn't fit and I couldn't come up with any others that fit. Grr.
4. Barack Obama's inauguration
5. Low Carb

balaywho said...

1. The levy breaking in New Orleans
2. John Edwards
3. This map of a much?? maybe the prevalence of typos?
4. the innauguration of President Obama
5. heartstopping... cholesterol bomb

Michael5000 said...

1. We've got the Whatsit Street levee breaking and water pouring into New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

2. John Edwards.

3. That's a foreclosures map.

4. The Obama innaugeration.

5. Lo(w)-Carb! Note the lack of a bun. Heady times, 2004.

Michael5000 said...

Which means we've got the MQLXXIV EPs going out to Rebel, Decathlon Champion Eversaved, and lamanyana. It's lamanyana's first win on Monday, making him the 67th person with an MQ EP in his virtual trophy case.

Michael5000 said...

@Carto: Carl Jr.? Could be. I don't know from the burger chains, man, I'm a vegetarian. The point is that several of them, including Burger King (which I believe is everywhere) were offering hamburgers without buns at the peak of the bizzare 2004 low-carb craze. Good times.

@lamanyana: The reverse scale is foreclosures per X housing units. So the dark blue areas are just rural counties with one or no foreclosures. Also, the dark red county centered on Detroit takes in a lot of turf.

@Snowgirl: No trees in bloom in that picture, as far as I can see....

@Rex: What, indeed, is a "map of a much." It is a relic of about six different ways I tried to pose the question, before settling on something that sounded good in my head but obviously didn't make it through my fingers.

@Mrs.5000: I wondered if I could make a legit quiz about the future. And I decided I could, but it would be too much work.

Happy Memorial Day, y'all.

Rebel said...

Whoooooo hooooooo!!! I am a champion, my friends... I'll keep on fighting 'till the end. I am the champion, I am the champion...

(emergency run to the bathroom - retch - rinse)

no time for losers 'cause I am the champion... of the world!

(pass out in bed)

Michael5000 said...

Lookin' good, Reb!