Sunday, May 10, 2009

Decathlon: The Winners!

And with no further ado whatsoever, it's time for the victory parade!

In 11th Place -- but only 1 thin point behind 9th place -- la gringissima, with 160 points! Perfect performances in Events 9 and 10 helped overcome two missed contests and keep last year's Blue Medal winner in the race.

In 9th Place -- a tie! gl. and Elaine, strong contestants throughout, each amassed 161 points. A special sportsperson award for gl., who after a very strong run through the whole Decathlon reacted to a (for her) disasterous topic for the final event with considerable grace and charm.

In 8th Place -- Elizabeth scored 175 points to place 8th, two places up from her 2008 finish.

In 7th Place -- The Calico Cat complements her trove of Thursday Quiz Gold Stars with a strong Decathlon finish, with 176.5 total points scored.

In 6th Place -- It's a good year for the Alaskans, as in addition to balaywho's 6-event showing Kadonkadonk takes overall sixth place with 183.5 total points.

The Red Medal

5th Place Overall goes to a relative newcomer to L&TM5K competition. Representing Eugene, Oregon, with perfect finishes in Events 1 & 6 and an overall score of 201.5, annie takes the 2009 Red Medal!

The Green Medal

Due to a tie for third, there is no Green Medal this year.

The Blue Medals

Out of 250 possible points, how likely is it that there would be a tie for third at 203.5 points? Not very likely, that's how likely.

One Blue Medal goes to the defending 2008 gold medalist. Representing Portland, Oregon, with perfect finishes in events 8 and 9, it's Mrs.5000!

The other Blue Medal goes to the winner of the Visual Creativity competition. Representing the great state of Colorado, it's d!

The Silver Medal

Second place in the 2009 Decathlon goes to a woman who once briefly visited a young Thursday Quiz, dominated it utterly for a few weeks, and then seemingly disappeared... before returning to put in another dominating performance here. Currently representing, if I am not mistaken, Chicago, Illinois, with a perfect finish in Event 9, second place in the Verbal Creativity event, and 205.5 total points, Missy takes the 2009 Silver Medal!

The Gold Medal

The overall winner added a crushing second-week performance to an already strong opening to capture, defend, and ultimately extend a big lead across the finish line. Currently representing the Lone Star State, with first place in the Verbal Creativity event and a massive 218.5 Decathlon points, Eversaved takes the 2009 Gold Medal.

Gentle Readers!

I present to you the slate of Decathlon winners -- the people who have, through their creativity, knowledge, wit, buffness, and sheer stamina shown themselves to be the greatest all-around human beings on the planet! Or -- lets be fair -- at least in the English speaking world.


One of the top four medals has been taken by Mrs.5000, who will be rewarded with a batch of the oatmeal-almond-chocolate chip cookies. This means that the four Relatively Sweet Prizes will be awarded to Eversaved, Missy, d, and annie, who will get to select from them in that order. Look for an email coming soon to your inbox, winners.


d said...

nicely done everyone. i think it's a testament to both the competitors and the host that so many people competed seriously in this for two whole weeks.

the events were entertaining and challenging and ultimately quite a bit of fun. kudos to everyone involved.

boo said...

I'll be reading back through it all to see everything. Congrats to the winners!

Sorry I wasn't able to participate this year, but I look forward to seeing the creativity.

mrs.5000 said...

Woo hoo! It is always a privilege to be participating with you all.
Thanks for being so smart, funny, and (one of the qualities M5K values most highly) willing to indulge. Also for being tolerant of my unavoidable home court advantage. I really don't deserve those cookies--no, I really don't, because I've already snarfed down half the bag of chocolate chips M5K had apparently bought to bake with...But what was he thinking, putting them right there in the cabinet where I was sure to find them?

The Calico Cat said...

It's Monday... I come here for a lashing...

OH & I am so not worthy after reading & viewing some of the responses given... Congrats to one & all!

Rebel said...

I don't remember saying I was tolerant of certain players unavoidable home-court advantage. =P

But congratulations to all of the winners who are not bound in holy matrimony to the judge. ;)